Frame Beds

The term "single bed" or "spring mattress" is commonly used to describe a frame bed. A frame bed is constructed so that the lower coil housing rests in the wooden frame, and it can have one or more coil housings that work together. When you look at a frame bed, you only see a spring mattress, and it is on this mattress that you place the mattress topper. Due to its construction, a frame bed provides a more stable comfort compared to a continental model.


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Englesson Beds Ramsäng Almond / 90 x 200 / Fast Impression Ramsäng IF90F20 #Färg_Almond #Colour_AlmondEnglesson Beds Ramsäng Impression Ramsäng #Färg_Almond #Colour_Almond
Impression Frame Bed Sale priceFrom €1.242,95
Englesson Beds Ramsäng Almond / 90x200 / Fast Superior Ramsäng SF90F20 #Färg_Almond #Colour_AlmondEnglesson Beds Ramsäng Superior Ramsäng #Färg_Almond #Colour_Almond
Superior Frame Bed Sale priceFrom €1.791,95