60 years of both timeless classics and ground-breaking innovation

Our history

Englesson is a family business based on design and creative joy. We create, product develop and design all our series within our team here in Djursholm. Our inspiration comes from being part of your home and creating furniture that you will love for years to come. In this way, we live up to our commitment to create furniture that is sustainable in the true sense of the word, which takes both the environment and people into account.
We don't just manufacture furniture, we create homes to live, experience and socialize in.

The Beginning of History

The beginning of history

Englesson's history begins in 1964 in Djursholm when the founder Staffan manufactures a brass table for his wife Marilene. Interest in the neighborhood spread and the small production in the garage quickly went into high gear. It therefore did not take long
until Staffan completely switched from the engineering profession to at
full time dedicated to designing and manufacturing classic style furniture. The first furniture was produced in chrome and brass, which was of the highest fashion during the 60s.

New factory and 2nd generation Englesson gets involved in the company

Shortly after our current CEO Johan Englesson joined the company, the business was scaled up with production in our own factory in Poland. The focus was on modern and sustainable manufacturing from the ground up.
An antique cupboard that father Staffan received as a birthday present also became the starting point for the beautiful wooden furniture in the artisanal tradition that Englesson is known for today.
- We tested different ways to get the finish on the furniture, says Johan. We set fire to the wood and blasted them with sand to get the grain and finally we got what we call today "White wash".


Our Series Stockholm Was Born

Our Stockholm series is an integral part of our brand, something we are immensely proud of. This is primarily because the series has found its way into many Swedish homes. We love that it fits just as well in a rustic summer cottage as it does in a grand turn-of-the-century apartment. Today, the series is available in two different versions, Stockholm and Stockholm 2.0. Both variants are based on the same solid craftsmanship and clean lines, but Stockholm 2.0 has a slightly more delicate design. You can mix and match freely and create a series that stands the test of time, adds elegant details, and serves as a practical storage solution!

Our Flagship Store in Djursholm opens its doors

The year 1993 marked the moment when the wives of the Englesson brothers decided to bring their dreams of an interior design store to life. Despite being in the midst of raising small children, everything could coexist seamlessly, thanks to our family business spirit. The old dairy building in Djursholm quickly became a gathering place for both interior design enthusiasts and children and dogs alike. Even today, our store operates in exactly the same way, continuing to offer endless inspiration, including a wide range of Englesson furniture, décor from other well-known brands, an abundance of fabrics, and, of course, some four-legged friends to cuddle with!

Klive & Chaos

Englesson x Art

In the year 2021, Englesson embarked on an exciting street art collaboration with Klive & Kaos. Klive & Kaos are two of the world's most acclaimed and respected street artists. Amongst tunnels and bridges, the creators found each other in the West suburbs of the 80s and 90s. Their art extended its reach to New York, Berlin, Milan, and Santiago. Some of the world's largest fashion and tech brands have collaborated with the duo to create innovative and attention-grabbing campaigns that blend art with messages. The Englesson x Art collaboration involves creating a limited series of furniture where each piece is handmade and 100% unique, just like a piece of art. A total of 100 copies of this art furniture were produced.


A furniture company with 60 years of experience

Since 1964, the Englesson family business in Djursholm has manufactured furniture, known for its high quality. With Swedish design and inspiration from the Scandinavian design language and our own manufacturing, our furniture is built by hand according to artisanal tradition, modern methods and with consideration for the environment. Genuine craftsmanship and accuracy are an obvious benchmark for durability, quality and comfort.


Retailers in Europe

Over the years, we have expanded our sales with the help of 140 retailers located both in Sweden and in Europe.

At our retailers, you have the opportunity to order our entire range and choose from a large selection of fabrics for upholstered furniture.

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