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Discover our innovative furniture concept that allows you to conceal your TV in a smooth and stylish manner when not in use. Our sideboards come in three different models - Stockholm 2.0, Line Burned Walnut, and Frame - all equipped with a built-in TV lift, enabling you to effortlessly raise and lower your TV with the press of a button. This means you no longer have to contend with a large black TV dominating your wall space. Instead, you can have an elegant and contemporary piece of furniture that seamlessly integrates into your home decor. With our sideboards, you can now furnish your home exactly as you wish without the constraints of accommodating your TV.

Furthermore, our sideboards feature a designated space for a soundbar, allowing you to enjoy exceptional audio that enhances your TV viewing experience. On the Stockholm 2.0 and Line Burned Walnut models, there's a fold-down door for placing the soundbar, while on the Frame model, there's an open space beneath your TV where you can position your soundbar. Additionally, our sideboards offer ample storage space with three doors and two shelves inside, providing you with the opportunity to store accessories and other items without worrying about your TV occupying all the space.

Our innovative furniture concept offers you a convenient and contemporary piece of furniture that seamlessly blends into your home decor while also providing you with the ability to easily conceal your TV when not in use. Order today from your retailer and discover how much simpler and more enjoyable your TV experience can be!

Smooth rolling

Our innovative furniture concept not only provides an elegant solution for concealing your TV but also offers a practical and mobile solution for your home. Each sideboard comes with a sturdy and stable base equipped with six hidden wheels, allowing for easy mobility and effortless placement of the furniture in your home. At the back of the base, there's a cutout that allows you to lock the wheels in place, ensuring stability.

This feature enables you to effortlessly change the location of your TV and sideboard without exerting yourself or needing to lift heavy furniture. With the help of the wheels, you can easily move the sideboard from one room to another or simply adjust its position to achieve the best possible viewing angle for your TV.

Place for a soundbar

We understand the importance of having a TV with excellent picture quality, but it's equally crucial to have a high-quality audio system for the ultimate TV experience. That's why we've designed our sideboards with a dedicated space for your soundbar. Whether you're watching a movie or listening to music, the soundbar is an essential part of your TV experience. It provides increased sound pressure and clarity, enhancing the audio and allowing you to experience every detail of the sound in a whole new way.

Space for much more than just your TV

With our sideboards, you not only get an elegant solution for your TV, but you also get plenty of storage space for your belongings. Why settle for a TV stand that only accommodates the TV when you can have a sideboard that holds so much more? Behind the three doors of our sideboards, you'll find two shelves where you can store everything from glasses and books to ornaments. This way, you can keep all your items organized without having to display them openly.

Another advantage of our sideboard is that it helps you keep your living room organized. By having everything gathered in the sideboard, you won't need to have a bunch of gadgets and cables scattered around the TV, disrupting your decor. With our sideboard, you can maintain a neat and stylish interior while having everything you need at your fingertips.

Whether you prefer a classic, modern, or minimalist style for your sideboard, we have a solution that suits you. Our range offers various designs and colors to cater to all tastes and homes. So don't hesitate to choose a sideboard that matches your style and needs, and enjoy a tidy and sleek interior with ample storage.

A timeless and elegant sideboard available in the colours Whitewash and Black. All surfaces are hand-painted, creating a beautiful texture. The sideboard features a traditional design with fine details that give it a charming character. The three doors have beautiful carvings and open up to two shelves, providing plenty of space for storage.

A modern piece of furniture featuring routed doors in oak veneer stained in a walnut shade. The edge of the furniture is routed, providing an exclusive impression. The sideboard is available in the colours White and Black, hand-painted for a unique finish. The design of the doors adds a modern touch to the furniture, creating an exciting contrast to its traditional wooden material.

A minimalist piece of furniture with simple shapes that follow the function of the piece without complicating it. The doors are plain with smooth surfaces, giving the furniture a modern appearance. The sideboard is available in the colours White and Black. All surfaces are hand-painted, creating a subtle texture on all sides.


The TV lift adheres to the VESA Standard, which is followed by nearly all TV sets today. To mount your TV on the lift in your new TV stand, follow these simple steps:

  1. Attach the two elongated metal brackets provided to the back of your TV by screwing them into the mounting holes on your TV.
  2. Raise the lift using the remote control to a height that allows you to hang your TV on the lift itself.
  3. The elongated metal bracket attached to your TV has two screws positioned upside down. Tighten these screws to secure the TV firmly onto the lift.
  4. You are now ready to connect all cables and set a comfortable height for your TV. Instructions on how to do this are provided further down the page.

Now you can enjoy an elegant TV stand with a smart and practical TV lift, ensuring your TV is only visible when in use and providing you with extra storage space for your other belongings.

Built-in Safety

We understand you're eager to showcase our fantastic TV lift to your friends and impress them with how smoothly it raises and lowers your TV. However, we want to reassure you that the TV lift features built-in safety functions, so you don't need to worry about overheating or getting caught between the TV lift and the furniture.

If you happen to use the lift excessively, it will automatically pause, and when you press the button again, it will only beep to remind you that the motor needs to cool down. It might be a bit annoying, but it's better than risking burning out the motor and damaging the entire unit. Once the motor is cool and ready again, you'll hear a beep; this takes approximately 20 minutes.

Our TV lift also stops automatically if anything gets in its way, so you don't have to worry about damaging your precious TV or pinching your fingers. Additionally, the cover is held by magnets and not by a fixed mounting, so there's no risk of pinching fingers there either.

So, you can rest assured that you can show off your TV lift without worrying about accidents or damage. It's a safe and practical solution that will enhance your TV experience even further.

Hidden Cables

At the space for the soundbar, there's a long hole at the bottom through which you can thread the cables. Then, you open the doors to the shelves and thread the cables through the larger hole towards your TV. On the back of the furniture, there are two holes to thread the power cable for the lift and your TV through. If you need more workspace, the back of the sideboard is divided into three sections, with the sections on the left and right being removable by unscrewing the screws. This provides you with easy access to the entire lift if you need to adjust something or just want to explore the sideboard's innermost secrets.

With our sideboards featuring built-in TV lifts, you'll have a neat and organized solution for all your entertainment technology!

Magnetic Lid

When using a TV lift inside furniture, it's important to have a cover that conceals your TV when it's not in use. Our sideboards feature a cover placed on a metal plate mounted on the TV lift. The cover's magnets make it easy to remove when needed, while keeping it securely in place when required.

The cover is also adjustable, allowing you to position it exactly as you want it. It has two pins that help you align the cover on the metal plate so that it fits correctly and is easy to remove or adjust when needed.

With this cover, you can easily hide your TV when it's not in use while still having it accessible when you want to watch it. It also provides a clean and stylish look to your furniture when not in use.


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