The headboards are handmade in our own factory. They come in our signature fabric, both quilted and smooth velvet, to perfectly complement the bed fabric. The headboards are available with a wooden frame, studs, as well as tufted options to suit your personal style. Headboard legs with adjustable height are included with all our headboards.


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Englesson sänggavlar Almond / 90X90 Madison Sänggavel GL90 #Variant_Almond Englesson sänggavlar Madison Sänggavel #Variant_Almond
Madison Headboard Sale priceFrom €296,95 Regular price€423,95
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Englesson sänggavlar Sand / 90 x 115 Taylor Sänggavel GTLO90 #Variant_Sand Englesson sänggavlar Taylor Sänggavel #Variant_Sand
Taylor Headboard Sale priceFrom €472,95 Regular price€675,95
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Englesson Beds sänggavlar Almond / 160 x 125 Edge sänggavel GED160-EG #Variant_Almond Englesson Beds sänggavlar Edge sänggavel #Variant_Almond
Edge Headboard Sale priceFrom €693,95 Regular price€990,95
On sale
Englesson Beds sänggavlar Sand / 160 x 125 Chelsea Sänggavel GCH160 #Variant_Sand Englesson Beds sänggavlar Chelsea Sänggavel #Variant_Sand
Chelsea Headboard Sale priceFrom €730,95 Regular price€1.044,95
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Englesson Beds sänggavlar Almond / 160 x 135 / Oxiderad Metall Hudson Sänggavel GHU160-OX #Variant_Almond Englesson Beds sänggavlar Hudson Sänggavel #Variant_Almond
Hudson Headboard Sale priceFrom €781,95 Regular price€1.116,95