Your sleep, our responsibility

Your sleep, our responsibility.

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Our new bed concept

In 2011, Englesson began manufacturing beds in its own factory. The production was and is still led today by employees with many years of knowledge and experience of how a high-quality bed should be built, as well as what distinguishes good comfort. Our beds have always been built by hand and only the best materials are used to achieve maximum comfort and feel. Over time, details regarding the construction of the beds have been developed and fine-tuned to, if possible, create an even higher experience of comfort. In autumn 2021, our bed collection was upgraded and the beds get a new signature fabric. The fabric is exclusive to Englesson Beds and is a pleasant and luxurious quilted velvet whose properties also make the fabric very durable.

There is something special about buying a new bed. It should give you good sleep for many years and be a place for recovery and rest so that you can face your everyday life refreshed and well-being. Your bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home, perhaps the most important. Therefore, we want to give you the best conditions for investing in a comfortable and durable bed. Your sleep, our responsibility.

The vision

The vision

Your sleep, our responsibility. This is the vision we at Englesson worked towards when we developed our updated range of beds. We believe that the comfort of the bed is everything, but comfort does not have to be compromised for an elegant expression. We want our beds to be seen as a beautiful piece of furniture in your bedroom, something you should be proud to own.

What is the difference between a continental and a frame bed?

The term continental bed indicates that the bed is made up of at least two mattress layers, excluding the mattress topper. Unlike a frame bed, the lower spiral housing is usually built on a wooden frame in the case of continental models. A continental bed has a full lying surface and in our continental models, the spiral housing in the upper mattress is also complete and without joints in the middle. Both of these factors contribute to pleasant comfort. A continental bed is generally softer and more compliant than a frame bed. Our continental models offer different comfort experiences and possibilities.

Why choose a bed from Englesson?

  • Three collections offering different comfort options.
  • A spring system that provides excellent support and comfort.
  • Bolster fabric that is both elegant, durable, and robust.
  • Same price for 200 cm and 210 cm bed lengths.
  • The best material choices and beds handcrafted for quality.
  • A team with extensive experience in bed construction.
  • 180-day sleep well guarantee for the Master Bed.
  • 25-year warranty on frame and spring breakage.
  • Long lifespan - the chosen materials, stability, and comfort create a cost-effective bed.

Meet Quilvet

Quilvet is the concept fabric for our beds. A high-quality velvet fabric with a quilted surface that fits perfectly with our beds.

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Fabric Properties

Our concept fabric is a quilted velvet fabric with a FibreGuard treatment that acts as a barrier against stains. This technology creates a protective layer on the surface of the fabric, thus preventing stains from being absorbed by the fabric.

If you get a stain containing fat on the bed, it is easily removed with soap and water. Even liquid stains such as coffee, wine or blood as well as solid stains such as ink, ketchup and lipstick are prevented from penetrating the fabric and are easily removed. This gives the fabric an extra long life.

Weight and height are important when choosing a bed

  • If you weigh up to 85 kilos and are of average height or taller, medium is a good choice. Likewise if you weigh over 85 kilos and are taller than average.
  • If you weigh over 85 kilos and are shorter than average height, you should think about firmer comfort.

Your sleeping position plays a role in choosing a bed

  • If you usually sleep on your back, it is important to get good support in your lower back.
  • If you sleep a lot on your side, you need a bed where the shoulder and hip can sink down so that the spine rests as straight as possible.
  • A bed should follow the curve of the back. Feel your lower back being supported. If there is a cavity under the back, the bed is too firm.
  • The waist should be supported so that the spine becomes horizontal. Feel for the shoulder and hip to sink properly into the mattress.
  • Try turning over, if you can't, the mattress is too soft.​
  • If you prefer to sleep on your stomach, our tip is to try to start sleeping on your back or side instead. Sleeping on your stomach causes your neck to bend unnaturally backwards. If you still continue to sleep on your stomach, it is important that you choose a pillow that is as flat as possible.

The pillow is an important part of sleeping comfort

  • It should preferably not build too much in height.
  • A low pillow is recommended for stomach sleepers, a medium pillow is recommended for back sleepers and a high pillow is recommended for side sleepers.

Our most flexible bed

Master Continental

Flexible comfort zones

Our Master bed has a triple spring pocket system that provides good deep springing and active support. The top layer consists of exposed X-Pocket zones with different levels of firmness: Soft, Medium and Firm. Extra Fast is available as an option. The zones provide support and relief to the upper body, hips and legs.

Customized sleep

Our exchangeable comfort zones in the Master bed mean that you can easily change the zones when you want and as often as you want. You can change one, two or all three. This means that two sides of a bed can be completely individually adapted to the desired comfort.

Sleep well guarantee

We also offer a 180-day sleep-good guarantee, which means that at any time during this time, you can replace one or more zones free of charge if you need to. If in the future you feel the need to change comfort, you can change one or more comfort zones by purchasing them separately.

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Create a bed with two different comforts

That's how it works

Our Master continental has a cassette system which means that your side of the bed can be different from your partner. Each side is divided into three zones where you can easily change or move the cassettes and thus create an individualized sleeping comfort.


Open the zipper, which now goes both ways


Open the top to expose the zones


Replace or move the zones


Open the zipper, which now goes both ways


Open the top to expose the zones


Replace or move the zones

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Englesson's new bed concept

Annika Kragsterman is behind Englesson's new bed concept.

Annika Kragsterman is the mastermind behind Englesson's new bed concept. Throughout her career, Annika has worked for many of the largest bed manufacturers in Sweden, and after 30 years in the industry, she gathered her experiences to develop your dream concept. Comfort and quality take precedence, closely followed by aesthetics and feel.