Celebrate with us!

Englesson 60 years of quality furniture

In 2024, Englesson celebrates 60 years of high-quality furniture production and design. Of course, we want to celebrate that with you, which is why we will launch a unique collection of furniture that will be available at a discounted price throughout 2024. The collection is inspired by what is Englesson's signature and therefore consists of a sofa series in a classic style as well as a new version of a wooden piece of furniture in the Stockholm 2.0 series.

We look forward to many more years of being a part of your home!

Our new Belmont furniture series

The anniversary collection Belmont finds inspiration in the classic Howard series, but with sharper lines, plumes with individual finishes and a more modern feel.

The series includes a 3-seater sofa, armchairs in two different sizes and a stool. To take part in the anniversary offer, the series must be dressed in one of the three selected anniversary fabrics.

The fabrics we chose come from Fibreguard's Colourwash collection in the colours Linen, Sand and Pesto. Three durable and impregnated fabrics you will enjoy for a long time!

Stockholm 2.0 Showcase Ed

The Stockholm furniture series is our most loved series that we have had in production since 1989, a classic that simply stands the test of time!

Now we are also launching Stockholm 2.0 in our wonderful special edition colour Red.

Stockholm 2.0 anniversary cabinet also has integrated dimmable LED lighting, which means that you get an eye-catching detail for your home that simultaneously highlights and shines a light on everything beautiful you put in it.

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