Bolton Chair

The Brooklyn chair is an upholstered, timeless chair with legs made of solid wood. With rounded shapes and armrests, the chair has a modern appeal. The leg stand is cross-shaped and is available in 4 different colours. With our large range of fabrics, you can customize the chair exactly as you want it.

Colour: Natural Oak
Fabric: Price class 1
SKU: 657NO
Sale price€450,95
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In our Bolton chair, you get the perfect combination of compact design and lightness. This small and sleek armchair is crafted to offer a comfortable and stylish seating experience while being easy to handle and move around.

Explore the possibilities of personalizing your Bolton chair through a wide range of fabric options for the seat and various oils for the oak wood legs. The lightweight construction allows you to easily move and place the chair wherever it fits best in your home.

Experience a smooth and stylish chair with the Bolton series, an easy-to-handle armchair that also allows you to add your own unique touch to every corner of your home.


56 cm


52 cm


82 cm

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