Line Burned Walnut TV Lift Slim 55"

Discover TV-Lift Slim, a slimmer piece of furniture compared to our other TV-Lifts. Its unique design makes both the front and back look the same, giving you the freedom to place the piece in the middle of a room or in front of a bed. Included wheels and baseboard provide additional flexibility - you choose whether you want a mobile piece of furniture or prefer it to stand firmly in place with a baseboard.

The TV-Lift can be controlled with the associated remote control but also via an app on your smart phone. Rolling easy!

Variant: White & Burned Walnut
Sale price€1.791,95
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TV Elevator

Our innovative furniture concept not only provides an elegant solution for hiding your TV, but also a practical and mobile solution for your home. Each sideboard comes with a sturdy and stable plinth that has six wheels hidden behind it, allowing for easy mobility and easy placement of the piece of furniture in your home. On the back there is a cutout in the base that allows you to lock the wheels.


135 cm


95 cm


27 cm


96 kg

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