Stockholm 2.0 Sideboard & Base Cabinet 2 Doors

Sideboard/base cabinet with ample storage for Glasssware, fine china, tablecloths, and napkins. The cabinet can be conveniently paired with a display cabinet/upper cabinet for a stylish and practical storage unit in a classic style. See images for examples and add the display part to your shopping cart below.

The cabinet is available in Whitewash, Grey, and Black, featuring 2 drawers and 2 doors with shelves.

Variant: Whitewash
SKU: 511WW2
Sale price€927,95
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Stockholm 2.0

A new, slimmer version of our classic furniture series Stockholm with new details but the same timeless impression. The series maintains the same clean lines rooted in traditional Swedish craftsmanship but features slimmer legs with two grooves instead of three, thinner tabletops, doors with less pronounced mirrors, and simpler mullions on display cabinets. You'll receive hardware in two options, rings and knobs in Chrome.


99 cm


45 cm


89 cm

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