Superior Continental Low Frame

Our slightly firmer bed with two high pocket systems, the top of which is a chess pocket system. The bed provides a soft surface and firm support. The intermediate mattress is reversible. Choose between Medium, Firm or Medium-Firm comfort in the middle mattress. Optional bed legs are included in the price, mattress and headboard are sold separately.

Variant: Almond
Size: 90 x 200
SKU: SL90M20
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Englesson Beds

In 2011, we started manufacturing beds in our own factory. Production is led by employees with many years of knowledge and experience of how a high-quality bed should be built, as well as what distinguishes good comfort. Our beds are built by hand and only the best materials are used to achieve maximum comfort and feel. Over time, details regarding the construction of the beds have been developed and fine-tuned to, if possible, create an even higher experience of comfort.







Our motto

Prioritizing your sleep is prioritizing yourself & your well-being

We believe that the comfort of the bed is everything, but comfort does not have to be compromised for an elegant expression. We want our beds to be seen as a beautiful piece of furniture in your bedroom, something you should be proud to own.